A Selection of Recent Adventures

I always marvel at how quickly the months seem to fly by when one is busy! Between sessions, a lot of time at my property and sneaky trips to Canberra and Brisbane, I have been busy indeed. Here are some recent highlights:

Double Trouble with Alexis Piston
Alexis Piston TS Sydney 2

I have been playing quite a bit with my new friend Alexis Piston, who has been proving to be great fun in sessions! She is very creative and has an eye for all sorts of fun possibilities and perversions. It’s great fun playing off each other and teasing and tormenting our willing captives until they just can’t take anymore! If you haven’t seen her website already, I really recommend exploring it: http://www.alexis-ts.com

Sissy Maid Training and Service

I love cross-dressing sessions in general, and sissy maids in particular. There is something so endearing about watching someone grow and progress as they learn to wear high heels, and try to be demure when their short skirt leaves almost nothing to the imagination! The task of a sissy maid is simply to serve and undertake every request – whether exciting, menial or erotic – to the very best of her ability. Personally, I take a lot of satisfaction from setting menial, yet important, tasks for my maids. And I do enjoy catching glimpses of the sissy pink chastity device as the maid goes about her business.

Adult Baby Fun in Miss Fleur’s Nursery
Lately I’ve enjoyed playing babysitter to a few special adult babies. What could be more fun than adorable outfits, sweet games and nursery rhymes and of course, feeding and changing times? The usual black latex is replaced by one of my pastel 1950s frocks and ‘baby’ is put into a nappy so there are no accidents. There are even lovely pink and white soft leather cuffs for naughty ‘babies’!
Intimate Alien Invasion
Zentai suits with strap-on at the ready, heels that go forever and both victim and captor in gas masks, senses heightened and restricted. The slow, steady click of the gas mask filter, the captive having to obey soundless commands and endure bondage and torments, before finally being violated, stretched and used… It’s wonderful the scenes one can create in an unassuming hotel room.
Twisting Vanilla
But of course, it’s not all whips and chains – everyone knows I like to have my cake and eat it too. Here is a snapshot during a recent vanilla encounter ;)