I’m currently taking a break from social media and not available by phone.

If you need to get in touch please do so via email. My fabulous PA, Vanessa, will get back to you :)

The email is: hellomissfleur@gmail.com

Xx Miss Fleur

Miss Fleur in Latex Catsuit


The silly season is once again upon us, and I’m ready to deck your balls and stuff your stocking!

I’ll be in Sydney until Christmas eve, and then in the Newcastle area until after New Year’s.

Here is my exact availability:
Sydney: 21st – Booked
22nd – 10am, 2:30-5pm
23rd – 8am-11am, 3:30-6pm
24th – 8am-10am
Newcastle & Surrounds: 25th-Jan 2

Spots are filling fast (like my strap-on in your you-know-where), so get in touch with my PA, Vanessa, to secure your place: hellomissfleur@gmail.com

Xx Miss Fleur


Miss Fleur in Latex Catsuit

Raw image photo credit: Latex and Lace

I am available for specific skill teaching arrangements, advice and information for escorts and budding BDSM providers.

I have been living and breathing professional BDSM for 16 years and counting. I was lucky enough to find and complete a traditional BDSM apprenticeship at the age of 18. I have been an independent BDSM provider since late 2004.

Unfortunately, traditional BDSM apprenticeships are rarely offered anymore in Australia. In the past, I have been vocal about my support of this method of teaching and training (you might recall my popular blog post from 2015 ‘So, you want to be a dominatrix…’). However, I have come to realise that a traditional apprenticeship is no longer an option for most people interested in professional BDSM. An apprenticeship is also not a suitable option for escorts wanting to learn a few BDSM basics, but not follow a BDSM career path.


Duty calls

These days, there is a lot of BDSM general, safety and demonstration videos available on the internet. These are an important resources, though they do vary in scope and quality. However, it is my view that nothing can replace in-person, hands-on learning. A video can’t answer your questions as they arise while you’re actually doing something, so you can’t always reap the full benefits of that person’s actual firsthand, lived experience.

Having witnessed myself some alarming and dangerous practices over the years (a person landing a cane on another’s kidneys is a standout), I am now offering to share my skills, knowledge and passion for BDSM.

To make the most of our time together, it’s best if you can narrow down an area of focus or interest.

For example, I regularly receive emails from people asking me to teach them everything I know! Although this is an adorably cute measure of enthusiasm, it provides little in the way of transferable skills. A better email would read ‘Dear Miss Fleur, I would love to learn more about foot fetish, I have a date who loves my feet but I have no idea what to do! Also, I have another date who wants me to spank him but I’ve never really done it before.’

If you don’t have anything specific in mind, but are interested in learning about BDSM, then BDSM basics is probably a good starting point for you. I can provide an overview of a tie and tease scenario, which incorporates different BDSM aspects suitable for many kinky bedroom games, for example.

Miss Fleur Loves Leather

Learn about the safe and appropriate use of BDSM gear

Please note: I am not offering a traditional dominatrix apprenticeship or mentorship. I am not ‘being mean’ by not offering this. The reason I don’t offer apprenticeships is twofold. Most of my clients are not ‘slaves’ and most are not comfortable with having someone watch our session (this is vital in a traditional apprenticeship). The second reason is that I’m not a high volume provider. In a typical, non-touring week I might have one or two or no sessions. This just isn’t enough face-to-face time to be of benefit to you.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk, ‘Miss Fleur’s reflections on a much changed industry’.


Face-to-face: $150 for 2 hours for up to 4 providers ($37.50 each if you have 4 people). This also includes one follow-up email where I will answer your collated questions (if you have any) about what we have shared, one week after the meeting.

Advertising/Branding Only: $50 for two emails from me on your advertising/website copy/social media/branding. The initial email will have my feedback, then you can ask a bunch of questions, which I will then happily answer.

Total Newbie, haven’t done sex work before: $150 for up to 2 hours by phone or face-to-face, for one person. This also includes one follow-up email where I will answer your collated questions (if you have any) about what we have discussed, one week after the meeting.

For more information, including a list of FAQ, please see my new Education page, by clicking here.

Feel free to get in touch at anytime by email: hellomissfleur@gmail.com

Xx Miss Fleur


Miss Fleur Latex Sydney

I’m excited to announce that I’m now taking appointments for August and beyond!

So far I will be in Sydney August 9 and 10 (appointments August 10 during the day are available).

I will be in Newcastle and surrounding areas August 13-15.

Keep an eye on my website for more dates, which will be updated regularly.

Stay naughty!

Xx Miss Fleur


Just a quick update to say that I’m currently taking a break from social media and most sessions.

Please email my ever fabulous PA, Vanessa, if you’d like to reach me. The email is info@missfleur.com.