Just a quick update to say that unfortunately I have to reschedule my Perth trip.

I will let you all know the new dates as soon as I have them.

Xx Miss Fleur

Miss Fleur Sydney BDSM with Strap-on

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a couple for a few hours of fun at their hotel room. Here is a lovely testimonial from them, published here with permission.

“Dear Miss Fleur,

Thank you so much for last week! We had a great time! I especially loved learning how to properly spank Dan – you’ll be pleased to know he has been behaving much better, especially as I have been sending him to work wearing my satin panties. We have also been making use of the cock tie you gave us and it has been lots of fun.

I’m looking forward to getting back to Sydney in September – though Dan is dreading it! Only joking, he knows it’s good for him.

Liv and Dan”

I’m looking forward to next time too!

I accept testimonials anytime by email (hellomissfleur@gmail.com) – feel free to send me yours.

Xx Miss Fleur

Miss Fleur Sydney

I am delighted to have received a new testimonial today. I love how thoughtful it is, despite its short length.

“Where to start? I’ve been seeing Miss Fleur for the past 2 years when I visit Sydney. She is vibrant, fun and has a great sense of humour. She is an expert in the BDSM we do together and she has opened my world. Her photos are always a treat but they do not do her justice. The time I spend with her just gets better and better. Thank you Miss Fleur. Until next time. JPP”

This testimonial was originally published here and has been copied to my blog by request of the author.

I accept testimonials anytime by email (hellomissfleur@gmail.com) – feel free to send me yours too!

Xx Miss Fleur


Miss Fleur in Latex Catsuit

It’s no secret that I love playing with couples!

Over the years I’ve been lucky to share exciting, erotic and naughty moments with many couples of all combinations.

One thing has always seemed missing though – a dedicated couples page on my site!

I am excited to share that I have created one just for couples.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

You can view my new couples page at missfleur.com/couples

Xx Miss Fleur


Miss Fleur in Latex Catsuit

Double trouble is coming to Sydney! Miss Fleur and Miss Eloise are available for double bookings between the 9th and the 13th of August, 2017.


About Eloise Parker

I am thrilled to say that at the time of my Sydney tour I will be a whopping 35 weeks pregnant with my first child!

Physically, I look sweet and innocent. I have no tattoos and no piercings. I tend to wear lace and florals. I have full, perky breasts and the longest legs you have ever seem. My hair is soft, shiny and brunette, my eyes are wide and multi-toned and I have a big smile with perfect lips and perfect teeth. But of course my best feature is my lovely round tummy!

As a submissive I am adoring and eager to please, but the slight brattiness in me will give an ample opportunity to teach me a lesson. I understand the difference between “can I” and “may I”. I love exploring the pleasures that subservience can bring. When trust is built, you will see how readily I will submit to you. The changes in my demeanor, both mentally and physically are instant. My eyes become wider, my movement more purposeful, I stand straighter and I listen more readily. I am an experienced submissive, there are not many activities that I have not tried (and enjoyed)!


What we do

Miss Fleur is an expert Dominatrix and Eloise is a passionate submissive. We are happy to play with you in whichever capacity you feel comfortable; with you playing the role of another dominant, or another submissive.

Contact (Eloise)
Phone: 0452 076 480 (SMS only)

Price List
1 hour: $950
2 hours: $1600
3 hours: $2250