Followers of my blog have noticed I have been in blog overhaul mode. I have finally completed what can only be described as an epic blog history review, keeping the interesting entries from the past 10 years (yikes) and ‘hiding’ the rest. After all, I don’t think anyone really wants to know that I was on holidays May 16 2007, or that I was otherwise occupied for a week in 2008.


Going through my rich blog history – most of which has been transferred from my now unused Livejournal – was a lovely opportunity for me to walk down memory lane and relive some wonderful sessions and moments. I am very blessed indeed.


One blog section that stood out as needing an update was the ‘testimonials’ tag. I always welcome and enjoy session feedback and musings after a meeting, but of course, all correspondence is kept confidential. I never blog about a session without permission, and I certainly would never publish a sweet thank you note without the same. If you have something you would like to contribute to my blog under the ‘testimonials’ tag, please email me, I would love to hear from you. The tag exists for people who wish to publicly give feedback after a session (or several) with me. It can be thought of as a recommendation, rather than a ‘review’.  I expect to be adding regularly to this blog section now that my Livejournal overhaul is complete.


In other news, I have been thoroughly enjoying an early Easter, and have been gifted with gorgeous dark chocolates and other sweet treats. One favourite sub was even treated to an early Easter beating. I tied a chocolate bunny to his bottom and took delight in paddling it to a right mess. Much hilarity ensued, especially as the chocolate melted all over his warm flesh!


I will be in Sydney over the Easter period and I have a few spots available for sessions.



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