Double trouble is coming to Sydney! Miss Fleur and Miss Eloise are available for double bookings between the 9th and the 13th of August, 2017.


About Eloise Parker

I am thrilled to say that at the time of my Sydney tour I will be a whopping 35 weeks pregnant with my first child!

Physically, I look sweet and innocent. I have no tattoos and no piercings. I tend to wear lace and florals. I have full, perky breasts and the longest legs you have ever seem. My hair is soft, shiny and brunette, my eyes are wide and multi-toned and I have a big smile with perfect lips and perfect teeth. But of course my best feature is my lovely round tummy!

As a submissive I am adoring and eager to please, but the slight brattiness in me will give an ample opportunity to teach me a lesson. I understand the difference between “can I” and “may I”. I love exploring the pleasures that subservience can bring. When trust is built, you will see how readily I will submit to you. The changes in my demeanor, both mentally and physically are instant. My eyes become wider, my movement more purposeful, I stand straighter and I listen more readily. I am an experienced submissive, there are not many activities that I have not tried (and enjoyed)!


What we do

Miss Fleur is an expert Dominatrix and Eloise is a passionate submissive. We are happy to play with you in whichever capacity you feel comfortable; with you playing the role of another dominant, or another submissive.

Contact (Eloise)
Phone: 0452 076 480 (SMS only)

Price List
1 hour: $950
2 hours: $1600
3 hours: $2250


Project Details