Foot Fetish Friday – A Naughty Tale

Happy Foot Fetish Friday!

Earlier this week I had a fun foot session, so what better way to celebrate than with some hot pictures and a naughty tale.

I have been seeing foot slave j for about 4 years now and each session we have together builds even more intensity than the last.

Foot slave j has a preference for all natural feet; that is, no nail polish whatsoever. Most of the time it’s tough luck for j, as my toenails are usually bright red. However, I decided to treat j and here you can see my nude nails through the sheer stockings:

Bare stocking feet
Waiting for foot slave j to arrive

After j had been showered and given an enema, I took him upstairs and pallet-wrapped him to a low bench, leaving only his head free. I blindfolded him and sat on his chest, resting my feet over his face. I enjoyed hearing his moans of pleasure and desire as I moved my feet over his face, tantalisingly slow. I slipped my toes into j’s mouth and he greedily licked and sucked and moaned all around them. A bit too eager, he choked himself a little and I slapped at his erect member beneath the plastic, laughing at his shocked cry.

I then gagged j and took the scissors to the plastic wrap, exposing his naughty nipples and bulging unmentionable. After placing clamps on his nipples I removed the blindfold, just in time for him to see me start to tease his unmentionable with my stocking covered feet. His moans grew louder as I increased the intensity there. After continuing sometime in this fashion, I slapped at his you-know-what with my feet; he was getting too close to orgasm already! But I was only getting started.

I removed the nipple clamps and j gasped as the blood rushed back to them, increasing the sensation. I took my time rubbing the naughty nubs with my feet, watching them tense and harden and hurt all over again. I removed the black wrap and moved j to the leather restraint horse. I secured him tightly into position, on all fours, ass high in the air and exposed for the entire world to see.

Invisible high heels
Perching on invisible high heels

I then sat atop him, holding his head down with my feet and talking about all the things I was about to do to him. I enjoyed hearing his moans through the gag, which was still tightly in place in his mouth. I slowly took off my stockings, placing them under his nose so he could take in their delicious aroma.

I ran my now bare feet all over every part of his flesh that I could reach.

Things then took a turn for the more perverse, culminating in me violating his asshole with my condom-covered foot…

Afterwards, he lay at my feet, a shaking, shivering mess. I stroked his head with one bare foot, as he slowly came back to reality.

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