Welcome to Foot Fetish Friday, my new semi-regular blog series.

My feet are long, slender and very soft.

I delight in all sorts of foot and stiletto fetish, domination and exploration. I love to have my long toes licked and worshipped, caressed and kissed, and to use them to fondle and fornicate! My toes are very clever; I can wiggle my little toes and move my big ones dexterously. My feet are also surprisingly strong and can pin your face to the ground or to my thigh with little effort.

My first serious boyfriend had a foot fetish, although at the time neither of us really knew what we were doing. We just played and had fun. I used to tie him to my desk, put fluffy hair clips on his nipples and torment his stiff member with my feet. I slapped it with my feet, laughing ever harder as he became more erect and pleaded more and more desperately for release… Which only elicited more laughter and slapping!

Lovely legs and endless heels.

Over the years I have met so many interesting and wonderful perverts, with all sorts of particularities about feet. I am going to share some stories and experiences, as well as lots of delicious and decadent photos.

My beloved first pair of fetish heels, which I will soon be offering for sale. Email me to find out more.
One thing is for sure – no two foot fetishists are the same. So prepare for some fun frolics, tantalising tales and foot fetish overload!

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