Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has had a holiday period as wonderful as mine has been. I spent most of mine with dear friends, enjoying fabulous food, luxurious surroundings and perfect martinis.


I can’t believe we’re so far into 2017 already! I must admit, I have been rather difficult to catch the past few weeks as I have been in ‘holiday mode’. It’s been truly wonderful to get to spend so much time with loved ones and to make the most of Sydney’s glorious summer sun. I have been missing regular naughtiness though, and I am excited to reconnect with pervy playmates and of course, meet some new ones.

I am approaching my inboxes (yes, inboxes plural, thanks social media) in the leisurely manner befitting my holiday mood. I expect to be caught up in a week or two.

I will be staying in Sydney for most of January, so if you’re feeling naughty do get in touch.

email – info@missfleur.com or phone/SMS – 0424677467

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