I have always loved and admired latex, and own a number of latex items, but it has never really been a fetish for me. Until now.

Very recently I purchased a lovely pair of black latex opera length gloves and a high-waisted suspender belt and latex stockings. Last night I slowly put on the gloves and oh my! The sensation, the look – it’s just fabulous! Everything feels like silk to touch and my skin feels like it’s being caressed by silk.

I slowly slid into my stockings, clipped them to the garters and started polishing the latex all by myself. I’m sure you can work out how I spent the rest of my evening.

Though I’ve always loved being inside a latex vacuum bed (the sensation of being rubbed all over with countless hands is sensational), I never really thought it was a ‘real’ fetish. I’m not sure why, but now I’ve come to revise my opinion on lovely, luscious latex.

I’m very much looking forward to the latex session with Mistress Servalan later this week.

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