The other week I mentioned a session with my sexy TS girlfriend Alexis Piston on my Twitter. The session was so much fun that I thought I would write up some highlights as a blog post, with permission from the third party of course.

I have seen H a number of times and our sessions are always exciting, each one building upon the intensity of the last. H is a dedicated fan of my strap-on and I delight in watching him squirm beneath me, wriggling and writhing and begging for more.

Alexis and I have been friends for years and we both enjoy the intensity of taking full advantage of a willing slut. So, when H said he wanted to try something new, Alexis was the first person who came to mind. We negotiated the session content and agreed on a safeword prior to our meeting.

H answered the knock on his hotel suite door promptly. He was nervous but excited to meet Alexis, and his nerves eased over some playful banter and champagne. While Alexis and H flirted, I excused myself for a moment. I went into the bedroom and changed out of my knee-length dress into latex lingerie, stilettos and of course, my trusty strap-on. It’s amazing what you can slip into a handbag these days.

I opened the bedroom door to a delicious sight. Alexis had stripped H naked and had him over her lap, giving H a very sensual spanking. His bottom was a very cute shade of pink, to be turned red as the evening progressed. H eyed my cock greedily and I bent over him, so he could practice his cock sucking skills. I loved feeling his mouth jerk around my cock as Alexis spanked him with an ever-increasing severity.

With a quick look, we decided to take things into the bedroom. H crawled in after us, his tied cock and balls bouncing about. He was clearly eager to wrap his lips around Alexis. But of course, that is a privilege that must be earned.

Miss Fleur & Alexis Piston Strap-on Pegging Sydney

Miss Fleur & Alexis Piston Strap-on Addiction!

H quickly found himself bound at wrists and ankles in front of Alexis and her intimidating strap-on. Kneeling up awkwardly, he attempted to deep throat the solid silicone, but gagged a bit on the length. I took this opportunity to place my hand firmly on the back of his throat, as he adjusted to this new cock before him. He knew he would have to impress us before being allowed anywhere near a hot 7.5”.

H is quite athletic, which is a fun quality for a pervert to have. I decided it would be amusing for him to be standing, with his wrists bound to his ankles. It’s an awkward position to hold, especially if you find yourself suddenly impaled from behind! Luckily Alexis was standing in front of H to keep him steady. Sadly for H though, he wasn’t quite athletic enough to be turned into a spit roast from this position. So after much giggling and teasing, we moved H to the bed.

I’ll let you finish the session with your imagination… Suffice to say, we eventually decided H had tried hard enough to experience Alexis in that special way only a TS switch can provide.

The next day, I received the following text message: “Thank you both for last night! My teeth were still tingling when I woke up. Can’t wait for next time!

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