I must write about a fabulous and titillating roleplay session I had!

It started by picking out a delightfully conservative – yet sexy – outfit for the gentleman who was to become my Governess, Elizabeth.

Silky black stockings and panties with a matching black bra. A long black skirt with white floral print and a silky black top with diamonte brooch. A shoulder length wig and very sensible patent black mary-jane style heels and the session was ready to begin.

I was the naughty schoolgirl who had stayed much longer at a friend’s place than was acceptable and as this was my third warning for the same offense, I was to be spanked! I was so surprised and very defiant, resolute that I would not be spanked. But Governess Elizabeth took no notice of this, undoing the buttons and zip of my jeans herself and pulling them down to my ankles with my white cotton panties, leaving my pussy exposed! I tried in vain to quickly pull them up again to cover my embarrassment, but I was quickly chastised and made to bend over, grabbing my ankles!

Governess Elizabeth inspected my bottom to make sure it was fresh and clean which caused my cheeks to instantly flush a deep crimson. She then took a strap and gave me six of the best as I cried out and pleaded how sorry I was, promising never to repeat the offense! My bottom was very, very warm after that and I was told to pull my jeans up and go into the study to do my homework.

Well, I did not want to do my homework after that and started doodling instead but Governess caught me! I quickly tried to cover it up by turning it into a rather large and wonky ‘e’ but it was no good, she saw through it instantly and I was marched back into the bedroom where she pulled my jeans and panties down again and drew me across her lap for a sound hand spanking. After that I was feeling very sorry for myself but it was time for school.

I put on my uniform, pulling up my white cotton socks and knocked timidly on the schoolroom door – I’d been called to the Head Mistress’ office because of the very homework I was completing earlier. The Head Mistress said my essay was unacceptable as, not only was it merely a paragraph long, but it didn’t address the subject of adverbs at all and instead featured the story of a wicked Governess who smacked her charge!

I tried to justify myself but the Head Mistress wouldn’t listen and told me in no uncertain terms that I had most definitely deserved my spanking and, on closer inspection, determined that my Governess had indeed administered a nice dose but that I was still so willful I needed further punishment, unless I wanted my parents informed of my wrongdoing. Of course I didn’t and so I was ordered to lift my skirt and balance over Head Mistress’ lap for yet another very firm and thorough hand spanking.

I was then made to stand in the corner of the schoolroom with my skirt up and panties down so everyone could see what a bad girl I was and how I had needed to be punished.

I love roleplay so very much and had the best fun! Though I think I may now be in trouble with Mistress Servalan as I may have inadvertantly written my homework in the question book…

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