Here it is, my new, totally fabulous avant-garde fetish boot! I’m sure you’re all as excited as I am about it ;)


I’ve fractured my foot. The specialist says it’s not serious. I have to have the boot for 2-3 weeks, but I’m not allowed to wear heels for 4-6 weeks. Clearly my doctors have a different definition of ‘serious’ than I do!

It’s a tiny stress fracture, which means that I actually don’t have to wear my sexy new boot unless it’s for longer periods of time. I just can’t run any marathons.

So I won’t be wearing my ‘moon boot’ for 1 hour appointments, unless you really want me to.

I will be wearing it in all 2hr and longer appointments, but not necessarily for the whole duration of a rendezvous.


I expect my boot won’t have much impact at all on sessions themselves, except that I won’t be wearing high heels.

If you’re truly desperate to worship my feet, heels and boots, I still have my left foot!

The biggest issue I’m going to have over the next month or so is that I actually don’t have many flat shoes. I may need to go shopping or someone might need to send an early birthday present.


These Valentino caged ballet flats from David Jones are super cute, I’m a size 40 *wink*

Xx Miss Fleur

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