I’ve had such a fabulous month of sessions, weekend escapes and devilish deeds! Though you probably wouldn’t know it as I’ve also taken time out for a ‘digital detox’. No social media, just face-to-face fun. I’ve been catching up on my reading pile and enjoying early nights in bed.


It’s been nice to ‘switch off’ for a while, but I’ve missed connecting and sharing. So be sure to keep an eye out for updates on all of my social media.

I will be staying in Sydney for the majority of the rest of this year. I also have expanded availability, which is wonderful news for those of you who are only free on weekends.

Until the end of 2017 I am available for sessions most days and I am taking appointments between 6am and 1am.


As always, appointments can be arranged through my fabulous PA, Vanessa, at info@missfleur.com

I can also be contacted directly by SMS, 0424 677 467

Xx Miss Fleur

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