Happy New Year everyone!

I had a lovely evening with friends and then got up early to watch the sunrise. It was beautiful! I wish the sun would come back though, I was so enjoying going to the beach everyday.

I have launched my new information page for people with disability :D It has information for people with disability about my experience. It also has some information for parents, carers, friends or other support staff.

The new page can be found here: http://www.missfleur.com/disability.html

I would love to hear your thoughts or feedback about this page. You can leave your feedback in the comments here, or you can email me directly.

More general information about people with disability and sex workers can be found at the Touching Base website: http://www.touchingbase.org

I’m also in the process of (finally) collecting testimonials :) If you have something you would like included please email me, I would love your submission. And your testimonial ;P

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