This morning for breakfast my good friend Kimberlee Cline and I headed to a lovely hotel by the bridge, though I forget the name! Breakfast was delicious, it’s definitely true what they say about American portions – everything is so much bigger here.

I’m finding it hard to locate the kind of coffee I like to drink – apparently flat whites don’t exist here yet – but I’m having fun searching. And if the worst thing that happens is I have to drink weak filtered coffee, then I’m not doing too bad.

So I decided I needed yet another mini adventure, and am heading to Washington DC Dec 15-18! I am so excited about it! Kimberlee and I are going to do touristy things and make mischief and be naughty. And hopefully find some willing victims for a double golden deluge!

Oh, but sad news – Bettie Page died! A photographic icon for generations of perverts and pin-ups alike.

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