Today I found great amusement finding not one, but two broken canes sticking out of the bin at the dungeon. Mistress Servalan broke her first and Mistress Serena broke one too! I’m yet to break a cane on someone, and I almost feel as though I’m missing out.

Now for some session highlights.

I spent some delightful hours with an equally fun and delightful couple recently. They were both beautiful – her especially – and quite kinky! I had fun dressing them both in fishnets and corsets and in teasing and tormenting them each in turn. As usual (girls are so tough), she took a lot more discipline than him and I adored watching tiny welts appear over her bottom as I caned her. I was very nice though as she hadn’t been caned before. In fact, it was an evening of firsts, for he had never had a strap-on used on him before either.

I do enjoy using my strap-on.

He was such a delicious slut that soon enough a bigger cock was needed! After I’d fucked him it was her turn again. Her delightful pussy twitched beneath me as I teased her to climax while he used my fabulous new vibrating anal wand on her. I wasn’t finished with her yet though, and decided I’d fuck her like I promised during the strap-on sucking competition. And fuck her I did, with my whole hand! It was a wonderful sensation and I could feel her body vibrating with the wand that was still violating her.

The rubber session with Mistress Servalan was just as fun! When I arrived Mistress Servalan was wearing the most decadent latex outfit and slave was wearing a cat suit with inflatable breasts. As usual Mistress Servalan was right – stockings, gloves and suspenders were all I needed to wear. The slave polished my latex and (as it hadn’t been shined before) it was very thirsty. We were then sent to work polishing Mistress Servalan’s outfit very carefully and sensually, all the while eying each other’s outfits. The feeling of latex on latex is just as wonderful – if not more-so – than the the feeling of latex on bare flesh.

I definitely need more rubber in my wardrobe!

I was indulged with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and delightfully wicked stories with another favourite pervert too. I’m keeping the details of this to myself, and I can’t wait for our next session.

And in among all that was my birthday (August 1 for any curious pandas) and it’s been fabulous! Thank you to everyone who has sent birthday wishes and gifts, you know who you are.

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