I’ve been having so many fun sessions lately! And such variety!

I’ve met some naughty ladies, couples with amazing connections and some very wicked fetishists.

I was lucky enough to introduce a wonderful woman to the delights of kink in the privacy of her hotel room, though next time we’ll be visiting the dungeon ;)

I was part of a birthday surprise for a very surprised husband! We tied him to a chair and made him watch as I pleased his gorgeous wife. And later I watched as they did naughty things together. It was so lovely to meet a couple so happy and in love.

I met another couple curious about kink and spent some time going over some fun and naughty things with them. She was a very fast learner and he took a very sound spanking from us both! His poor bottom was rather red. I wish them luck on exploring more together :)

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a heavy leather bottom who looked so delicious all bound up and encased I couldn’t help but have my wicked way with him!

And of course, my strap-on has been getting quite a work out lately. I do love seeing the pleasure that comes (excuse the pun) from a jolly good rogering ;)

I don’t get to write about my sessions much, so I thought I’d jot down some recent ones. I think they capture the possibilities of play, which is what I love about what I do so much! The possibilities are utterly endless and the pleasure in exploring them immense.

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