Subscribe to my SnapChat – only $50 for 1 year


I’m excited to announce that I have joined SnapChat! Anyone is welcome to subscribe to my daily stories and regular updates. It’s only $50 for a year. You will only be able to see my content once I have received your payment.

If you’re another provider I’m even happy to add you for free if you add me too :) Solidarity!

My SnapChat is a great way for you to stay connected between sessions and an even better way for those of you who live overseas to gain an insight into my daily life. Anyone is welcome to subscribe, whether we have met or not.

Subscribers gain access to exclusive pictures and videos. The content varies and reflects my everyday life. Expect kink, coffee, cats and naughtiness!

The content is a mixture of safe for work and NSFW (no nudity but certainly adult content and BDSM/fetish themes and activities); you must be 18 or over to subscribe.

SnapChat content will also occasionally feature guest appearances with some of my perverts and playmates. So there is something for everyone!

My SnapChat username is Miss_Fleur feel free to add me. You will only be able to see my content once I have received your payment.

I will add you back once I have received your subscription payment.

There are 4 ways to subscribe:

  1. Send concealed cash (any currency is fine but it must be the equivalent of AUD $50 or above) along with your SnapChat username to:
    Miss Fleur
    PO Box 692
    Australia 2042
  2. Bring an extra $50 to your next session, I will add you to my SnapChat at the start of the session
  3. Send me a $50 gift voucher by email. Be sure to include your SnapChat username with the voucher. The email address to send a voucher to is Click on the name to purchase a voucher from any of the following (these can take 24-48hrs to arrive, contact me if you haven’t heard from me after 2 working days):
    Wish e-gift card
    Booktopia gift certificate
    Sax Fetish gift voucher
  4. Direct deposit by online bank transfer. Email me directly for the details of this method, my email is

Once I have received your payment I will add you to my SnapChat and the fun begins! You will only be able to see my content once I have received your payment.


  • My SnapChat Rules/Fine Print
    - You must be 18 or over. You might be asked to provide a copy of your ID to prove it.
    – All payments are final and non-refundable. You may end your subscription at any time, no refunds will be given. I may also end your subscription at any time, and no refunds will be given.
    – Your subscription starts when I add you and ends on the same date the following year, unless you’re naughty and get blocked or banned.
    – No dick pics/sexual pics/porn/photos of you with corn up your butt
    You’re free to send me G rated snaps if you wish, but any dick pics etc will result in you being blocked immediately. If you wish to be unblocked you must pay the unblock fee. The unblock fee is $1000. Yes, I’m serious about this, because I don’t want to see your dick pic. Try sending it to Critique My Dick Pic instead.
    – You do not have permission to reproduce/screenshot/save any SnapChat content whatsoever. Doing so will result in a lifetime ban.
    – Don’t be annoying or rude. Sending a thank you message for a snap you particularly enjoyed is great, sending constant messages demanding my attention is not. If you wish to engage in some one-on-one SnapChat naughtiness just let me know, as I have a rate for that ;)

See you on SnapChat!

Xx Miss Fleur

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