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For those who have been asking, I have updated my wishlist. My updated wishlist can be viewed here: https://www.wishlistr.com/miss_fleur My delivery address is: Miss Fleur PO Box 692 Newtown NSW Australia 2042 If you include your email with a present you will receive a photo of me taking pleasure from your gift. The updated wishlist […]

Sex and Disability

Recently I watched a special episode of the Australian television series Insight on Sex and Disability. I really recommend the episode, it was informative and thought-provoking. It features interviews with people with disability, sex workers, people working in the disability sector and also family members of people with disability. Here is the episode description from […]

Miss Fleur & Miss Esther

  Step into the mysterious world of the dominatrix. A secretive, glamorous world full of dedicated, loyal men who shower you with money and gifts for the opportunity to be whipped, tied down and beaten into submission. A world where every financial need, domestic chore and designer stiletto whim is met by high powered men […]