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My good friend Lady Ambrosia, who is based Melbourne, is now available independently. She’s a fabulous fetishist and switch who is creative, open-minded and delightfully wicked! Her new website, www.ladyambrosia.com features beautiful photos and lots of information about her interests and experience. We are also available for doubles together in Sydney. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Lady Pamela and Miss Fleur

My lovely and good friend Lady Pamela has a new website! Here is the address: www.ladypamela.biz It’s fabulous. I’ve known Lady Pamela for years, she is one of my closest friends. We don’t get to spend much time together these days – we’re always traveling and missing each other – but when we do catch […]

A few nights ago Jessica* and I headed to a lovely hotel for a naughty rendezvous with a lovely lad from out of town. It’s been a little while since Jessica and I have had the chance to play together, so we were very excited at this opportunity! Armed with restraints, blindfold, rope, vibrators, clamps, […]

I’ve had so many exciting and tantalising double sessions with Mistress Servalan and Jessica* lately! Highlights include: Being scared Mistress Servalan would singletail me so I hid behind the slave who graciously took the whipping on my behalf – who says chivalry is gone? Showing innocent boys just how fun a buttplug and strap-on can […]

Today I found great amusement finding not one, but two broken canes sticking out of the bin at the dungeon. Mistress Servalan broke her first and Mistress Serena broke one too! I’m yet to break a cane on someone, and I almost feel as though I’m missing out. Now for some session highlights. I spent […]