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Miss Fleur Sydney BDSM with Strap-on

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a couple for a few hours of fun at their hotel room. Here is a lovely testimonial from them, published here with permission. “Dear Miss Fleur, Thank you so much for last week! We had a great time! I especially loved learning how to properly spank Dan – […]

Miss Fleur Sydney

I am delighted to have received a new testimonial today. I love how thoughtful it is, despite its short length. “Where to start? I’ve been seeing Miss Fleur for the past 2 years when I visit Sydney. She is vibrant, fun and has a great sense of humour. She is an expert in the BDSM […]

Miss Fleur Latex Sydney

I received this wonderful testimonial today and I had to share it right away. I accept testimonials any time by  email (hellomissfleur@gmail.com). Feel free to send me yours. “I have had the pleasure of seeing Miss Fleur for about 10 years now, and again this morning enjoyed an unbelievable session with her. Whether you have […]

Miss Fleur in Latex Catsuit

Followers of my blog have noticed I have been in blog overhaul mode. I have finally completed what can only be described as an epic blog history review, keeping the interesting entries from the past 10 years (yikes) and ‘hiding’ the rest. After all, I don’t think anyone really wants to know that I was […]

Miss Fleur Sydney BDSM with Strap-on

Hi Fleur, Here’s my slightly unorthodox – and absolutely sincere – take on a testimonial. I’d like to think it might give you a smile. Anyway, here it, er, comes… A naughty good woman named Fleur Lives the life of a bold connoisseur. Be it beauty, keen brain, Female warmth, or (ouch!) pain That you […]