Recently I had a really fun tickle torture and roleplay session.

I was playing a game with a naughty boy and when I won I tied him to the bed and refused to let him go!

It was very cheeky of me considering we were supposed to be taking turns but I just couldn’t help myself. I tickled him, teased him, bit him, and made him crazy with desire. No matter how hard he struggled he just couldn’t escape! It was very titillating watching his muscles strain against the bonds.

He twisted every way he could but still couldn’t reach me. Every twist and turn was met with my fingers tickling his bare flesh, laughing the whole time. He was laughing at first too, but after a while the giggles became and moans and pretty soon he was begging me to stop tickling him!

Of course, I didn’t listen to his begging and pleading at all, I was having far too much fun!

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