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My wonderful new vac bed

Recently I’ve purchased a wonderful latex vac bed and it is proving to be great fun! There is a short video of my latex vac bed in action at the end of this post.

For anyone not familiar, a latex vacuum bed – vac bed for short – is just what it sounds like. Latex sheeting is fitted to a special frame which has space for a vacuum to suck out the air. A person slides between the smooth latex sheets and fits the mouth breathing tube. The opening is sealed and the vacuum turned on, leaving a person helplessly encased in lovely latex.

Vac beds are notoriously noisy, because previously one would have to leave the vacuum running for the entire duration of play. Happily, modern advancements mean that my vac bed is fitted with a special valve, which allows for the vacuum to be turned off once the air has been sucked out.

Playing with my new vac bed

Playing with my new vac bed

The vac bed allows for a wonderful immersive experience, perfect for the latex fetishist or sensation slut. It is the ultimate for sensory deprivation. There are endless possibilities for perversion when playing with a vac bed. It goes well with certain kinds of bondage, has wonderful options for impact play and creates a most interesting and unique sensation for diaper lovers.

Of course, the vac bed also has a myriad of strictly erotic potential too. Imagine being encased in rubber, subject to endless teases, caresses, licks and torments. The unique sensation of being caressed and massaged all over, not knowing how many hands are there or where they will touch next; every touch causing your skin to prickle impossibly beneath the rubber, each breath transporting you to bliss.

My vac bed is fully portable, perfect for a hotel tryst with the traveller. I will also be able to travel with it and this is something I am especially looking forward to.

The video below is a short clip taken very recently. It features my willing victim and my riding crop. The video was taken and published with full and informed consent of the person featured. I do hope you enjoy it.

Miss Fleur’s Vac Bed Fun from Miss Fleur on Vimeo.

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